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Inpatient Information

Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Treatment.

Gosnold offers a full, end-to-end continuum of care for drug and alcohol addiction and substance use disorder.  Our professional staff has experience with treating patients with widely varying needs.  Because every patient who contacts Gosnold is not necessarily an “addict” according to clinical terms, we offer a wide range of treatment options that can include any or all of the following:

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Getting Started on Your Recovery

The professional staff at Gosnold is committed to working closely with each patient and his or her family during the admissions process.  Admissions are confidential and may be made by physicians, health care professionals, social workers and counselors, family members, friends, or directly by the patient.

Taking the first step towards recovery can be challenging.  Because of this, we’ve created two convenient ways for a patient or a family member to contact Gosnold.  After your initial contact, your admissions specialist will help you choose the best treatment program based on your individual needs.  Admission into any of our treatment programs can be scheduled seven days a week.

Call to speak directly to an admissions specialist at 800-444-1554.

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Inpatient Detoxification at Gosnold Treatment Center

Detoxification and Stabilization (4–8 days)

Gosnold Treatment Center, located in Falmouth, MA, is a 50-bed medical stabilization and detoxification unit where patients receive medically monitored withdrawal treatment.  Gosnold uses a variety of medications to treat withdrawal to minimize discomfort and avert complications.  Care is managed by our clinical team of physicians, nurses, counselors, case managers and recovery aides—all trained and practiced in addiction treatment. 

During detoxification, patients undergo a psychosocial assessment to identify treatment needs.  Individual and group counseling, addiction education, and an introduction to twelve-step programs help patients better understand the nature and severity of their addiction. 

Continuing Care: 

A continuing care plan helps patients continue the progress made during their detoxification treatment.  Patients who continue in treatment do much better in sustaining their recovery.  Gosnold’s ongoing multidisciplinary team reviews each patients’ specific needs to determine the best recovery support post-discharge. 

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Clinical Stabilization Services for Men and Women

Gosnold’s Clinical Stabilization Services (CSS) programs at Emerson House and Miller House provide acute rehabilitation services to those suffering from substance use disorders. Our program takes a personalized approach to meet each patient’s needs and our multi-disciplinary teams develop customized treatment plans and clinical support throughout the course of the patients’ stay. The programs utilize a variety of different treatment modalities designed to make the treatment experience enriching and educational such as; individual and group counseling, health education, evidence-based therapies including cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation and mindfulness, introduction to 12 step and other self-help programs and planning for longer-term support services.  Gosnold understands every case is different and treatment should be tailored to meet the individual where they are in their recovery process.

Gosnold at Miller House is a 21 bed inpatient residential facility located in beautiful Woods Hole. Gosnold at Emerson House is a 37 bed inpatient residential facility located in West Falmouth. 

The Treatment Team:

Each patient is assigned to a treatment team that includes their primary addiction counselor, case manager, clinical and nursing supervisors, and a recovery specialist.  Throughout the course of the program, patient treatment plans may include access to physicians, a psychiatrist, recovery managers and spiritual counselors to work with providing a comprehensive treatment plan driven by the precise needs of the individual. 

Family Integration and Support:

Recovery is greatly enhanced when families understand the disease of addiction and learn how they can care for themselves and be supportive of a loved one’s recovery.  Families are an integral part of recovery and are invited to attend one of Gosnold’s weekly education courses focusing on the disease of addiction, Gosnold’s continuum of care, and interactive exercises to strengthen communication.  Families will also be encouraged to take part in family sessions with the clinical team to involve them in treatment planning, continuing care recommendations, and facilitate the healing process

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