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Employment Opportunities at Gosnold

Why Work At Gosnold?

Alex Guenther; Recovery Manager
Beth Lombardo; Counselor
Bill Abbate; Assistant Director of Care ManagemenT
Yuolanda Rosario; Lead Recovery Aide, Cataumet
Kevin Rosario; Director of Community Outreach

Robyn Almeida, Manager of Benefits, Compensation & HRIS, shares why she loves working at Gosnold. Thank you Robyn for your commitment to Gosnold and our mission! #whygosnold

“I have worked for Gosnold for the past 19 years in the Human Resources department. The reason for my long tenure is my belief in the company’s honorable mission. It makes me feel good working for a company that adds value to our community and genuinely helps other people. I have always felt Gosnold is a caring work environment, valuing family and bringing balance to life. I am a mom, wife, and daughter so this is important to me. I also enjoy my co-workers and the employees.

Gosnold embraces employees of all experience levels, backgrounds, and beliefs and we are all working together in different roles to achieve a common goal. Working in HR, you can see this impact. Honestly, I truly enjoy working in HR. Each workday is different, and the HR profession is constantly changing from new HR technologies to the effects of new laws and regulations. I also find satisfaction in helping others whether it’s helping an employee understand the difference between the health insurance plans being offered or helping them plan for a maternity leave. I enjoy being part of a team that supports one of the company’s most valuable assets – the employees.”

Jennifer Ferreira, Senior Director of Clinical Services, shares why she loves working at Gosnold. Thank you Jenn for your commitment to Gosnold and our mission! #whygosnold

“Gosnold has been an important part of my life for the past 20 years. Throughout that time, I’ve felt connected to our teamwork, drive and commitment to the mission and values. I have been presented with countless opportunities for growth both personally and professionally. Supervisors and leaders have encouraged and supported me to develop skills outside of my comfort zone which has been extraordinarily rewarding. My experiences have fostered my development as a clinician, supervisor, manager and leader. I’ve also met some of the most dedicated and compassionate individuals I’ve ever encountered. I am grateful for each and every person in this organization as we all play a vital role in carrying out our mission.

The individuals and families we treat express a trust in our quality of care, trust in our employees and an overall appreciation for the organization. We are a beacon on their journey. I feel honored to be part of such a special organization.

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The Gosnold Mission & Philosophy

We are always seeking qualified individuals to join our dedicated team. We offer a competitive salary, excellent benefits, and a comfortable work environment. Our benefits program includes health and dental insurance, short-term disability and life insurance, medical and dependent care, flexible spending accounts, an employer-matching retirement savings plan, payroll deductions for home and automobile insurance and a generous paid time off plan. Gosnold is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Gosnold values the diversity of its job candidates, staff, board and volunteers. It rejects any form of harassment, discrimination, retaliation or oppression. We encourage and require respectful communication and cooperation. Our organization is dedicated to sustaining and promoting diversity with respect to recruitment, hiring, placement, promotion, training, provision of compensation and benefits, management of organizational activities and general treatment during employment.

Employee of the Month

On behalf of the HR team and the Employee Engagement Committee, we are excited to share with you that April’s Employee of the Month and the recipient of Gosnold’s Tortoise Award is… Lenny Cardoza!

The “Tortoise” Award recognizes employees whose diligence and perseverance support Gosnold’s mission and long-term vision. These are the employees who embrace challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth, no matter how long or difficult the pathway forward may be.

From Suzanne McCormack, the Director of Community Partnerships and BH-JI:

“Lenny recently transitioned into a new role of BH-JI Navigator. Lenny has embraced this exciting role, learning while he goes, and persevering through the more difficult parts that are completely new to him. Lenny does not use Evolv in his other roles and has been diligent in making sure he is accurate in documenting his visits with our new enrollees. I knew that Lenny would be great with clients, but he has also been up to the challenge of learning this new program. He has jumped in with both feet and we would not have been able to have a successful launch without him working hard, asking questions, and as always, going above and beyond for the people we are helping on a daily basis.”

On behalf of the HR team and the Employee Engagement Committee, we are happy to share with you that May’s Employee of the month is Dany Cranshaw for putting the C in I2CARE and reflecting our organizational value of collaboration at its finest!

Here’s just a little bit about what her leader and nominator, Bill Abbate, has to say about Dany:

“Dany has been with the company for over five years – starting in the kitchen, to R.A., Lead R.A., and now in her current position of Recovery Specialist in the E.D. Dany uses her collaboration skills every day in her everyday routine, collaborating not only with me, and her other coworkers, but even more importantly with the staff at the hospital. Doctors, nurses, and social work always speak extremely highly of Dany. I hear from them several times a month praising her for the work she does. Her job includes not only speaking with patients about their SUD but then collaborating with different treatment facilities to arrange placement, getting hospital records sent over, phone intakes done, then getting patients transported to the facility. She always goes over and above for our patients.”

On behalf of the HR team and the Employee Engagement Committee, we are excited to share with you that June’s Employee of the Month for the Torch Award is Yuolanda (Yoyo) Rosario.

The Torch Award recognizes employees who routinely bring positivity and warmth to the workplace. These are the employees who boost morale when it starts to wane and who reflect Gosnold’s values of excellence, collaboration, and accountability on the team level, understanding the impact one can have on many. If you’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Yoyo in any capacity, you know she embodies the meaning of this award.

Here’s a little more about Yoyo from her nominator, former Miller House (now Stoughton/North Dartmouth) program director, Jenny Raffa:
“Yoyo is a valuable member of our team. Her positive attitude and infectious laugh keep us all smiling while providing a sense of camaraderie and team spirit. Her dynamic personality captures the hearts of our patients. She always goes the extra mile to do the things that make our patients happy and content, whether it’s just sitting with them or offering a kind word. Yoyo finds the most positive way to encourage patients who are struggling. She can bring around a struggling group with her inspiring words and messages of hope. Yoyo’s genuineness with patients and staff alike is the quintessential representation of Gosnold’s values.”

On behalf of the HR team and the Employee Engagement Committee, I’m excited to share with you that July’s Employee of the Month for Gosnold’s value of accountability is Delores (Dee) Gonsalves.

We often talk about accountability, but what is it really? Accountability is simply a person’s willingness to take ownership of the outcomes of their choices, behaviors, and actions in all situations in which they are involved – not just in instances that go well or smoothly, but also in those that don’t – that’s how we problem-solve and learn!

Here’s a little more about Dee from her manager and nominator, Dennis Cronin, Assistant Director of Facility and Culinary Services: “Dee has the attitude of ‘What lies in front of me and how do I get myself through it?’. Regardless of whether it’s in outpatient, administration, corporate, or our guest rooms, Dee holds herself accountable for not only cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, room turnovers, restocking, and moving both linen and trash, but Dee is also accountable for ordering the supplies she needs, which includes all linen, cleaning supplies, and paper products needed to make our staff and guest experience that much better. She does all this while assuring the staffing needs of GTC housekeeping are met regardless of what day of the week it is – often picking up shifts to ensure the task at hand is being accomplished.”

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