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Structured Outpatient Addiction Program (SOAP)

At Gosnold, we know a successful recovery does not end with the completion of a treatment plan; we offer ongoing recovery support for our patients and their families.  We are committed to the community and provide family education, school-based counseling, medical care integration, and support prevention coalitions.

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Structured Outpatient Addiction Program (SOAP)

SOAP is a group based program and is offered in-person at our Hyannis location and virtually so individuals can participate no matter where they live. Sessions are held 3-5 days a week for 3.5 hours a day providing both day and evening schedule options. SOAP is best suited for patients whose primary diagnosis is substance-use disorder. SOAP aims to give patients a heightened level of self-awareness about their substance-use disorder, solid relapse prevention skills and a variety of coping skills to help them become independent adults in recovery.

Patients are provided support through group therapy and a case manager will assist in creating an aftercare plan to meet the needs of each individual. Patients have the opportunity to remain involved in their daily activities or create a new routine while attending SOAP. Participation in SOAP can range from 4-8 weeks depending upon the recovery goals of the individual.

SOAP is recommended for patients who do not require a medically managed detoxification, or are continuing treatment after discharge from an inpatient treatment program. SOAP is designed to help patients understand, develop and enhance recovery skills, such as:

  • Recovery management and relapse prevention
  • Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome
  • 12-step orientation
  • Neurobiology of addiction
  • Medication Assisted Treatment
  • Peer Support

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