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Alumni Program

At Gosnold, we know a successful recovery does not end with the completion of a treatment plan; we offer ongoing recovery support for our patients and their families.  We are committed to the community and provide family education, school-based counseling, medical care integration, and support prevention coalitions.

The Martin J. Walsh Alumni Award

Do you know someone who has completed treatment at Gosnold and maintains a meaningful life in recovery? They may be a candidate for the 2nd Annual Martin J. Walsh Alumni Award!


The Martin J. Walsh Alumni Award recognizes and honors individuals who have overcome significant hurdles due to substance use and/or mental health disorders. By celebrating stories like these, this annual tradition aims to show people that recovery is possible, and there is hope.


To nominate a recipient, download the form below and send it to Jordan Tofalo, Marketing and Development Assistant, at by June 1st, 2023.

Gosnold’s Alumni Program is comprised of alumni, friends and family of any of Gosnold programs, who are invested in the growth and enhancement of the Gosnold mission and organization as a whole.  Research shows that connection is essential to an individual’s recovery. 

Gosnold’s Alumni Program offers many opportunities to stay connected, giving you an opportunity to flourish in your own recovery by giving back to others. By cultivating these lifelong relationships, the Alumni Program aims to raise awareness to the amazing work that Gosnold does and how our Alumni carry the Gosnold mission into our communities. 

We will be hosting alumni speaking engagements at the facilities, fellowship support groups, alumni events, opportunities to share your story, and more. 

Interested in getting involved in the new Alumni Program? Download the new Gosnold Alumni App. Gosnold partnered with the CaredFor platform in order to bring recovery securely and safely to tens of thousands of patients and alumni. The Gosnold App connects patients and alumni with critical information, recovery resources, self-evaluation tools, and peer support while promoting engagement through virtual and in-person programming and events.

Your Story Means The World To Gosnold.

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