The Gosnold Innovation Center


Dedicated to Improving Addiction Prevention, Treatment, and Management

Throughout our history we have established leading-edge programs and services that have been recognized regionally and nationally.  Our commitment to improve addiction treatment has led to the creation of a dedicated unit to focus on innovation and research.  Led by former President and CEO, Raymond Tamasi, the Gosnold Innovation Center is developing and testing innovative treatment methods, progressive prevention programs, and effective recovery management services.  And, our ideas and vision are consistent with those articulated by the Surgeon General of the United States.  His report, “Facing Addiction in America” identified five major components of a comprehensive approach to address substance use disorders including:

1) Enhanced public education to improve awareness about substance use problems and more effective policies and practices to address them;
2) Implementation of evidence-based prevention policies and programs to prevent substance misuse and related harms;
3) Improved access to evidence-based services, integrated with mainstream health care, for those at risk for or affected by substance use disorders;
4) Recovery support services (RSS) to assist individuals in maintaining remission and preventing relapse;
5) Research-informed public policies and financing strategies to ensure that substance misuse and use disorder services are accessible, compassionate, efficient, and sustainable.