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Significant Increase In Opioid-related Overdoses On Cape Cod Blamed On COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has dominated the news since last spring, pushing aside America’s other epidemic — the opioid epidemic — which has only gotten worse in the intervening months.  People who work on the front lines of the opioid epidemic on Cape Cod say isolation caused by COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing protocols that limit access to 12-step and other meetings are part of […]

Isolation, Social Distancing Protocols Linked To Increase In Overdoses

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BOSTON — Isolation and social distancing protocols have been tough on us all, and it’s especially taking its toll on those struggling with addiction. Programs across the state of Massachusetts have been adapting to try to stay connected with people in depths of solitude. The limited access to in-person 12-step and other meetings has been […]

Pandemic Adds Fire To Alchohol Abuse

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BOSTON — A yard is full of flags in Whitinsville outside of “NOWA – No One Walks Alone,” a program for family continuity. Each one standing for a life lost to addiction in the local area. “Family members have come and planted the flag,” said Rebecca Zwicker of Program Director at NOWA Peer Recovery Support Center. […]

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