In-Person vs. Virtual Outpatient Treatment

As the internet and technology have continued to advance, so have their effects on the world. Healthcare is one major field in which these advancements have had a significant impact. One such way is through the promotion of telehealth. Healthcare appointments, outpatient treatment, and therapy are now available at your finger tips.  The idea of […]

Substance Use Disorder in the Family

Substance use disorder (SUD) (i.e., addiction) can develop in an individual without any notable family history. However, a family history of addiction is a prevalent risk factor. In many instances, this family history spans several generations, often involving multiple individuals in each generation. The presence of addiction and its adverse effects strengthen and perpetuate the […]

Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals for 2023

The new year is a time to reflect on the past year while anticipating what is to come. You might consider the goals you had but weren’t able to accomplish. As a result, you may create new year’s resolutions to motivate you to achieve these goals during the upcoming year.  Improved wellness is a common […]

How to manage anxiety during the holidays

Everyone experiences [anxiety]( at some point in life. To an extent, anxiety can be a good thing when it warns us about potential dangers. It’s also natural to experience feelings of anxiousness before giving a presentation, taking a test, or in anticipation of other tasks.  However, for some people, anxiety is pervasive and problematic and can underscore […]

Talking to Family About Recovery During Sober Holidays

The holiday season tends to be a time for connecting with family and friends from out of town that you may not see very often. These gatherings can be slightly awkward or uncomfortable when you’re in recovery. Perhaps they haven’t heard about this development in your life, or have not been informed that you’re trying […]

PHP press release

Gosnold Behavioral Health now offering Telehealth services across Massachusetts Falmouth, MA. (December 12, 2022) Gosnold Behavioral Health is excited to announce the expansion of its Partial Hospital Program to all of Massachusetts through our Virtual Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) Platform. Richard Curcuru, President and CEO of Gosnold Behavioral Health said, “I am very pleased about […]