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New benefits help employees navigate caregiving challenges

At Gosnold, we know a successful recovery does not end with the completion of a treatment plan; we offer ongoing recovery support for our patients and their families.  We are committed to the community and provide family education, school-based counseling, medical care integration, and support prevention coalitions.

All Gosnold employees and their loved ones now have access to Family First as of 2/1/2023!

What is Family First?

Family First is a benefit offered by Gosnold that provides you access to a team of experts to support you in your caregiving journey. Whether you’re caring for an aging parent, a child, neighbor in need, or you’d like support yourself – Family First offers personalized caregiving solutions to help you achieve a healthy work-life balance. The benefit is free, 100% confidential and HIPAA-protected.

How does it work?

After a comprehensive intake of your caregiving situation, you will be paired with a dedicated Care Expert who will offer guidance and practical advice throughout your journey – regardless of how long it lasts. Depending on your needs, you Care Team may also include highly-trained professionals with expertise in mental health, aging, child and adolescent wellbeing, Medicare navigation, and complex family dynamics. Your Care Team will work with you and your family to:

  • Understand your caregiving situation
  •  Develop a care plan that evolves over time and as circumstances change 
  • Participate in clinical team discussions and family meetings, as needed 
  • Ensure you and your loved ones are on the correct care path 
  • Address mental health, stress and caregiver burnout

In order to make sure your family is on the right care path, there is no limit to the number of loved ones we’ll help with. On average, our cases include four additional family members.

What type of caregiving problems can Family First help with?

Employees call Family First for all types of reasons from the simple to the complex. Here is a small sample of our expertise:

  • Eldercare
  • Child and adolescent wellbeing
  • Cognitive issues and dementia
  • Aging in place
  • Homecare and placement
  • Crisis intervention
  • Mental health and emotional support
  • Substance use disorder and addiction
  • New and chronic diagnoses
  • Financial challenges, such as bill pay
  • Insurance and medicare navigation
  • Legal issues, such as POA & wills

Family First allows Gosnold employees access to an Expert Care Team to help navigate whatever caregiving challenges you may be facing or that may arise.

Family First Care Teams — comprised of physicians, nurses, social workers, and mental health professionals — are experts at solving tough caregiving challenges and ensuring caregivers and their loved ones are on the right care path.

Your engagement with Family First’s Experts is provided at no cost to you and getting started is quick and confidential. Visit Family First to learn more, or call (877) 585-7090 to speak with someone today.

Not sure if you are a caregiver who can use help from a Care Expert? Take the quiz to find out.

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