The Miller House

Inpatient Residential Care for Men

At the Miller House, men increase well-being with stabilization and preparation.  Miller House embraces sober living skills by addressing difficult issues in a safe, solution-focused environment.  Miller House promotes the recovery process in an integrated approach to address an action stage of change coupled with best practices.  Men have unique needs; an individually tailored approach helps direct the physical and psychosocial stabilization process.   Building the recovery process at Miller House also incorporates twelve-step fellowship, management tools, and Life Skills to support recovery practice prior to discharge.  The men have the opportunity to stand tall again by placing one foot in front of the other with integrity.  The Miller House fosters rebuilding men’s lives with unity, by removing early recovery obstacles with support and positive encouragement.  Many of the graduates of the Miller house become productive members of their own communities and have the opportunity to live their lives as brothers, sons, fathers, and friends.  Miller House offers men individual counseling, group counseling, psycho-educational groups, and groups for co-occurring issues as well as additional therapies and amenities. 

Case Management

The Miller House case manager works collaboratively with patients and counselors in developing comprehensive continuing care plans including sober housing, medication assisted treatment, employment, and outpatient services.  Case management assists patients with coordinating transportation to local appointments. 

Family Education/Support

Family Education groups are held on Sundays at 11am following visiting hours.  Families may be involved in treatment planning and continuing care planning prior to discharge. 

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  • On-site laundry
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Many men in recovery find it difficult to slow down and have difficulty focusing on themselves in a nurturing manner.  Moderation in exercise, leisure and relaxation is a balance you may explore with activities like:

  • Softball, basketball & recreational games
  • Beach outings (weather dependent)
  • Walks at local parks
  • Yoga classes
  • Local gym sessions

What Should I Bring?

For a printable list of what you can bring to The Miller House, click here


  • Identification and insurance cards
  • Cash, not in excess of $100.00
  • If you smoke, bring enough cigarettes to last you your stay.  One suitcase with enough appropriate clothing to last your stay.  Clothing should be comfortable, casual and washable.  We have laundry facilities if your treatment stay is longer. 
  • Prescribed medications in the original container from the pharmacy
  • Phone cards
  • Toiletries (must be in the original packaging)


  • No personal snacks, drinks or candy. 
  • Non-prescription medication (Tylenol, Advil). 
  • Vitamins, herbal medicine or protein powders. 
  • Products containing alcohol (mouthwash, perfume, perfumed lotions). 
  • Smokeless (chewing) tobacco. 
  • Toothpaste, body wash, deodorant, soap, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream- this all will be provided in the toiletry kit received upon admission. 
  • Clothing that depicts drugs, alcohol, sex or violence. 
  • Weapons of any kind (including pocket knives).