Meet Our Miracles: Cole M.

At Gosnold, we witness miracles each day… the mother reunited with her child.. a student who thrives and excels in school after breakthrough sessions with his Gosnold in-school therapist.  There are more miracles still…subtle…unseen… Gosnold staff – in recovery – who serve others with honor, dignity, and grace. 

Cole McDonnell is one of these miracles. 

Cole came to Gosnold more than four years ago, at the urging of his parents.   After completing treatment, Cole received a phone call that  forever changed the direction of his professional career.

Inspired by his own recovery path and the experiences of those closest to him, Cole joined the Gosnold team at the Gosnold Treatment Center.  He now serves the organization as a Recovery Coach. 

Please take some time to learn more from one of our “Gosnold Miracles” –  Cole –  and consider supporting Gosnold during this season of new beginnings.

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