The Emerson House Cottage

Pregnant and Post-Partum Women

Pregnant women and mothers with infants reside in a home adjacent to the Main House.  Child care is provided to allow women to attend groups and recreational activities.  Expectant mothers on Medication Assisted Treatment will be taken on a case by case basis.

Prenatal Care

Case management and counseling staff ensure that you will get the prenatal care required for you and your baby.  Appointments can be made with local midwives, ob-gyn doctors, and pediatricians as soon as necessary.

Postpartum Women

Lactation consultation is available to assist women about breast-feeding issues.  Counseling and medical staffs work together to insure an appropriate pace of activities.  Postpartum support groups and family planning services are available at the Faxon Women’s Center of Falmouth Hospital.

Child Visitation and Reunification

Emerson House prioritizes the mother’s relationship with her children.  The program will assist you in setting up visits with your other children.  This includes activity planning, dealing with separations, and maintaining the connection during the separation.  Emerson House works with DCF to arrange for reunification.


  • On-site laundry
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Many women in recovery find it difficult to slow down and have difficulty focusing on themselves in a nurturing manner.  Moderation in exercise, leisure and relaxation are a balance you may explore with activities like:

  •  Walks at local parks
  •  Beach outings (weather dependent)
  •  Yoga sessions on the grounds
  •  Use of a local gym

What Should I Bring?

For a printable list of what you can bring to The Emerson House, click here.