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Long-term sober living.

The transition from inpatient treatment to independent living is a critical part of Gosnold’s continuum of care.  Gosnold Sober Living provides a supportive environment for patients who require a structured transition from inpatient rehabilitation care into independent living.  

Located in the comfortable settings on Cape Cod, these facilities are staffed by experienced managers who help residents develop recovery skills in a safe and positive environment.   Integration with 12-step programs and participation in recovery socialization activities combine with the healing atmosphere of Cape Cod to create a solid foundation for lasting recovery

On average, 70% of patients engaged in a sober living program remain sober. 

At Gosnold, 83% of patients have maintained their sobriety while at sober living. 

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A Foundation For Long-Lasting Recovery

For more information regarding Sober Living, please contact Bill Abbate, Director of Care Management, at

Amenities* Include:

  •  WiFi
  •  Cable TV
  •  On-Site Washer/Dryer
  •  Walking distance to waterfront, bike paths, recovery meetings, kayak/fishing inlet, and   restaurants.

*Amenities are dependent on which house is selected by the patient*

In-House Services:

  • Live-In House Manager
  • Weekly House Meetings
  • Randomized Drug Testing

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