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Long-term sober living for men and women.

The transition from inpatient treatment to independent living is a critical part of Gosnold’s continuum of care.  Gosnold Sober Living provides a supportive environment for patients who require a structured transition from inpatient rehabilitation care into independent living.  

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Located in the comfortable settings on Cape Cod, these facilities are staffed by experienced managers who help residents develop recovery skills in a safe and positive environment.   Integration with 12-step programs and participation in recovery socialization activities combine with the healing atmosphere of Cape Cod to create a solid foundation for lasting recovery. 

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A Foundation For Long-Lasting Recovery

For more information regarding Sober Living, please contact Michael McGonigle,
Director of Sober Living, at  Mmcgonigle@gosnold.org.

Amenities* Include:

  •  Transportation to/from medical and Gosnold clinical appointments
  •  WiFi
  •  Cable TV
  •  On-Site Washer/Dryer

*Amenities are dependent on which house is selected by the patient*

In-House Services:

  • Live-In House Manager
  • Weekly House Meetings
  • Randomized Drug Testing

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