Gosnold at Cataumet

Residential Rehabilitation for Men and Women

Gosnold at Cataumet is a 40 bed residential facility providing acute rehabilitation services personalized to meet each patients needs.  The Cataumet program utilizes a variety of different treatment modalities designed to make the treatment experience enriching and educational.  Gosnold understands every case is different and treatment should be tailored to meet the individual where they are in their recovery process.  By providing a multi-disciplinary team to oversee treatment this offers customized treatment plans and guidance throughout the course of their stay. 

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The Treatment Team:

Each patient is assigned to a treatment team that includes their primary addiction counselor, case manager, clinical and nursing supervisors, and a recovery specialist.  Throughout the course of the program, patient treatment plans may include access to physicians, a psychiatrist, recovery managers and spiritual counselors to work with providing a comprehensive treatment plan driven by the precise needs of the individual. 

Family Integration and Support:

Recovery is greatly enhanced when families understand the disease of addiction and learn how they can care for themselves and be supportive of a loved one’s recovery.  Families are an integral part of recovery and are invited to attend one of Gosnold’s weekly education courses focusing on the disease of addiction, Gosnold’s continuum of care, and interactive exercises to strengthen communication.  Families will also be encouraged to take part in family sessions with the clinical team to involve them in treatment planning, continuing care recommendations, and facilitate the healing process. 

What Should I Bring?

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What to bring to Gosnold at Cataumet:

  • Identification and insurance cards
  • Cash, not in excess of $100.00
  • If you smoke, bring enough cigarettes to last you your stay. 
  • One suitcase with enough appropriate clothing to last your stay.  Clothing should be comfortable, casual and washable.  We have laundry facilities if your treatment stay is longer. 
  • Prescribed medications in the original container from the pharmacy
  • Phone cards
  • Toiletries (must be in the original packaging)
  • Cellphones and other electronic devices are permitted at the discretion of the facility. 

Prohibited Items:

  • No personal snacks, drinks or candy. 
  • Non-prescription medication (Tylenol, Advil). 
  • Vitamins, herbal medicine or protein powders. 
  • Products containing alcohol (mouthwash, perfume, perfumed lotions). 
  • Smokeless (chewing) tobacco. 
  • Clothing that depicts drugs, alcohol, sex or violence. 
  • Weapons of any kind (including pocket knives).