Recovery Coaching

Gosnold Recovery Coaches guide patients and families through the transition period following inpatient treatment.  Patients are matched to a Recovery Coach who identifies, implements and monitors short and long term goals to help patients sustain recovery.  This includes transitional recovery and community-based care elements and incorporates a dynamic hands-on approach.

An individualized continued care plan is developed for each patient and includes daily contact with their recovery coach, community acclamation and socialization, introduction to recovery support groups, and monthly family meetings.

Recovery Coaching Provides:

  • Introduction and integration into recovery support groups.
  • Assistance in formulation of a Recovery Service Plan for life goals (work, school, etc.)
  • Meetings to review progress.
  • Communication through the Gosnold Smartphone support program.
  • Integration into Gosnold recovery community activities.
  • Monthly family meetings.
  • Coordination with other professionals involved with your treatment.
  • Coaching is provided in face to face sessions, by telephone, e-mail, texting, and other communications.

Additional Recovery Support

Gosnold is committed to our patients’ health and well-being.  Our support services team is proud to be their connection to our growing recovery community.  Leading the way in treatment innovations and support services, Gosnold offers a variety of outstanding resources to support a sustained recovery.  Members of Gosnold’s recovery community are encouraged to join our monthly community meetings and weekly support groups.

ACHESS Smartphone App
The Addiction Study for Health Enhancement Systems Studies (ACHESS) app allows patients to access services to support recovery.  ACHESS can be easily downloaded to the patient’s smartphone and used to maintain contact with Gosnold Recovery Coaches.  Some of the features include:

  • Weekly survey to monitor progress
  • Community discussion groups
  • Daily check-ins to stay connected to Gosnold
  • Meeting Finder for twelve-step groups
  • Panic button for immediate access to a counselor, sponsor, coach, or support group
  • Recovery podcasts

If you have any questions regarding our Recovery Management options, please reach out to:
Michael Dias 774-392-3721