Individual, Couples and Group Therapy

Gosnold clinicians employ evidenced based practices to guide the course of treatment.  Through the process of screening, psycho-education and skills training, patients acquire the tools and support necessary to sustain remission and advance recovery.


The clinic is equipped with ultra-high resolution tele-medicine units that connect patients to psychiatric practitioners at other locations.  This technology enables the patient and doctor to communicate in a direct face-to-face consultation via video conference.  Psychiatric services that can be delivered through the tele-medicine units include medication management/monitoring, diagnostic evaluations, adolescent and adult psychiatry, and individual consultations.

Family Support Groups

Weekly support groups are facilitated by Gosnold clinicians and focus on family healing.  Through the sharing of lived experiences and the application of learned recovery principles, community members gain insight into the disease of addiction.  This forum supports families at all stages of recovery.

Same Day/Next Day Appointments

Gosnold clinicians are available to meet with patients or family members on a same day/next day schedule for initial assessment and treatment planning.

Integrated Medical Services

Gosnold provides integrated services.  We assist with patient care coordination, offer brief solution focused therapies, connect patients to other recovery resources and coordinate alternative outpatient services as necessary including recovery coaching and inpatient medical detoxification.

Guiding Good Choices

This clinician led parent education program teaches specific strategies for promoting healthy behaviors in children, maintaining a clear family position on drugs, and strengthening family bonds and healthy beliefs.  This 4 week curriculum is free and offered quarterly to registered participants.

Emergency Services 

Dial 877-784-6273 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to initiate services.  Call Center clinicians will provide information, referral or arrange and in-person evaluation.  Emergency assessment and referral services are provided for patients needing acute crisis stabilization.  Patients may be seen in their homes or community based settings.  When you call, you will be asked demographic information, as well as detailed questions about presenting concerns.

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