The professional staff at Gosnold is committed to working closely with each patient and his or her family during the admissions process.  Admissions are confidential and may be made by physicians, health care professionals, social workers and counselors, family members, friends, or directly by the patient.

Taking the first step towards recovery can be challenging but our experienced staff will be there to help guide you each step of the way.  After your initial contact, your admissions specialist will help you choose the best treatment program based on your individual needs.

Admission into any of our treatment programs can be scheduled seven days a week.

Call to speak directly to an admissions specialist at 800-444-1554 or complete our online form to be contacted by an admissions specialist.


Will my insurance cover my treatment?

For a complete list of insurances we are currently accepting, click here.

Benefits and insurance policies vary. Gosnold has contracts with most health insurance plans and managed care companies. Your insurance carrier may require reviews of treatment during your stay. We will work with your insurance company to provide the information required to determine medical necessity. However, Gosnold has little control over the outcome of these reviews. If you have questions regarding financial considerations or need assistance, the Gosnold Patient Financial Services department is available to help. Please call 1-800-444-1554, ext. 5224.

What is the confidentiality policy?

Federal confidentiality regulations and HIPAA laws govern all communication regarding patients. Any discussion of a patient’s treatment for personal health information must be authorized in writing by the patient. If you call to inquire about a patient’s care, you may be told that we can neither confirm nor deny the patient’s presence, pending determination that the proper authorization has been signed. However, the regulations do not prohibit our staff from speaking with you to obtain information or to offer assistance or support.

Will I have access to telephones?

You may use the payphones for outgoing calls only, and these phones may not be used during group treatment times. The phones do not take incoming calls. Cell phones are not permitted at the detoxification unit. If you bring a cellphone to treatment it will be stored in our locked cabinet for the duration of treatment and will be returned upon discharge. It is suggested that any phone numbers that you may need while in treatment are written down and carried on your person. Clinical team members will also allow patients to use facility phones when available to do so. If you wish to speak to a staff member, you may do so by dialing the main Gosnold number.

Should I bring my medications from home?

You should bring all prescribed medication that you have been taking. All medications need to be in the original bottle with the original label that includes doctor’s name, the name of the medication, dosage schedule, route, and correct amount. Our physician will review the medications and make adjustments as necessary. Do not bring any supplements or over-the-counter medications, as they will be disposed upon arrival. Our physicians will not prescribe new medications or re-initiate medications that are not current.

How can my family and friends help?

A good first step is to educate yourself about this disease. Gosnold will provide referrals to family support groups, community-based groups, and counseling. Members of these groups may be able to provide guidance for finding nearby addiction resources. More importantly, they’ll be able to share their own experiences with you. These connections will help nurture your emotional well-being, helping you see that you are not alone. If you accompany your loved one to treatment, you may be asked to meet with a staff member to provide information that may help us better coordinate continuing care plans.